The Hollow

The Hollow

I’ve been down to The Hollow, and I’ll never be the same,
Have YOU been to The Hollow? Would you dare to speak its name?
It’s a place as cold as gravity – it grips, and you descend,
It’s featureless, it’s soulless, and it seems to have no end.

There, you will find longing that has lost the will to yearn,
There, you will find love that has forgotten how to burn,
There, you will find anger with no energy to fight,
There, you will find emptiness that claws away the light.

Many start to stumble down – yet find a path to climb,
Some are lifted safely clear by love and care and time,
But some, they journey further – they’re the ones who can’t come back,
For they’re lured into the neverending numbness of the black.

There, they seek a refuge from the mirror of their mind,
There, they seek out nothing, leaving nothingness behind,
There, they seek to silence dreams, for dreaming brings no pleasure,
There, The Hollow chalks another victim to its ledger.

Have YOU been to The Hollow? Could you break its hold, and tell?
Could you rip away the veil of shame which harbours it so well?
Could you show someone a pathway with a fragile map of words?
That tiny act could be the spark which breaks The Hollow’s curse.


© Nina Parmenter 2018

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Photo by Artem Sapegin on Unsplash

Shipwrecked Brain

This one’s for all the Mums who had their own mental battles to face when their baby was first born.

New motherhood is an onslaught on the brain. Your life changes drastically and permanently. You’re exhausted. You’re overwhelmed with questions, information and scrutiny. Nature has generously popped you into a “cow-like state” (not my words!!) in preparation for early motherhood. And to top that, you have a 25% chance of suffering post-natal depression.

To overcome these battles is extraordinary. You are warriors. And I salute you all. x

Shipwrecked Brain

When baby’s born, you’re meant to feel
a rush of love.
Hey, that’s the deal.

But sometimes…

Birth is blood and shock and pain
and steel. And when your shipwrecked brain
resurfaces, you realise –
the love
did not

Instead, a claustrophobic fear
encloses you. This new career
cannot be given up, and yet
it’s tough –
as tough as life can get.


Although you’re crazed with tiredness
and panic, you still nurture, kiss
and hold your child.
And deeply care.
The months go by…
Then love is there.

This hard-won tear-stained love you feel
was made by you.
And that’s unreal.


©️ Nina Parmenter 2018

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