Stuff I like

Below are some links to some other sites and blogs I enjoy…

Poetry Sites and Socials

Poetry Soup – A friendly and supportive network for poets, with poetry galore from both well-known poets and muggles.

Lighten up Online – A British quarterly online journal, which is a treasure chest of light poetry, with emphasis on rhyme and metre. Join the mailing list on the home page to receive links to new issues.

Snakeskin Poetry – A wonderful monthly British online journal of poetry, featuring a real mix of styles from formal to free.

Light Magazine – A bi-annual  online journal of light poetry, based in the USA. Light also features ‘Poems of the Week’ on topical issues, which are always thought provoking, sometimes hilarious. Sign up to the mailing list to receive these every week.

The New Verse News –  Based in the US, the New Verse News publishes topical poetry every day, sometimes fun, sometimes serious with a politically progressive slant. Follow on Facebook.

Poetry to Go – Newsletters featuring all things poetry. Follow on Twitter or Facebook

Poetry Lovers – A facebook page sending you beautifully presented snippets and short poems every day. 


Man vs Baby – Truly hilarious blog from a very honest Dad – the struggle is real.

Peter and Jane – Fantastic blog from Gill Sims, author of “Why Mummy Drinks”, – the lady who says what we’re all thinking (well, she says what I’m thinking anyway!)

Kids Versus Copy – A heartfelt and funny blog about the struggle of juggling writing and a family… and now cancer.