OK. Hold your nerve (I had to) – this is a serious one. Never fear though, it still rhymes.

In deciding to have a poke at something serious, where else could I start but with a sonnet. And who else could I write a sonnet about than my fabulous husband.

Strictly, a sonnet should have fourteen lines, but I read some rather lovely poetry written in this slightly extended twenty-line form and I was inspired me to try it myself.

So here you go. This one’s for Dave. xx


Our wedding dance was carried on a breeze,
We spun with the confetti round the hall,
Then life howled in and blew away our ease,
For time brings dust and debris to us all.
I press your hand. You wink. The pressure falls,
Together we will laugh amongst the squalls.

Our children, home and work engulf my day,
While worries and to-do lists flood my brain.
Just when I fear I might be washed away,
A look, a smile from you and I am sane.
And when I’m born askew by angst or pain,
You find the words that balance me again.

Asleep, your body rests with sweet aplomb,
While my thoughts knot with quarrels and with qualms,
I fear the dark, or worse, the dark to come,
Your mellow stillness softens my alarm.
I touch your back, you breathe beneath my palm,
And, unaware, you lead me into calm.

When you’re with me, I sense the peace within,
And I can feel confetti on my skin.


©️ Nina Parmenter 2018

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